Multipure’s Promotion

(Promotional Period: May 1, 2021 through June 30, 2021)

Multipure is offering a FREE shower filter dechlorinator (AQSH-1) or a bath ball dechlorinator (AQBATH-1) for just the cost of shipping ($10)
to customers who purchase a Multipure Drinking Water System or Drinking Water System Starter Kit at regular price!

Promo code: AQSH-1 or AQBATH-1 (will be mailed with order)

Introducing the Aqualuxe
The next generation of water filtration

Innovation that expands broad-range water contaminant treatment to new levels.  Inspired design that artfully merges form and function.  lntelligent features that seamlessly integrate with your home and lifestyle. Simple to use and sophisticated in its capabilities.

Features include:
Quick-change filter cartridge
Self sealing pressure vessel
WiFi connectivity
Leak detector
Replacement filter cartridge indicator
Multipure FilterSync technology

NSF certified to treat contaminants of Aesthetic Concern (Standard 42). NSF certified to treat contaminants of Health Concern (Standard 53). NSF certified to treat Emerging Contaminants/Incidental Compounds (Standard 401).  NSF certified to treat bacteria and viruses (Protocol P231).

Base System. # AQUALUXE  $1250.00
Replacement Filter #CBLX $175
Below Sink Kit #AQLUXEB
     with Standard Chrome-plated Faucet $45.00
     with Designer Color Faucet  $60.00
Countertop Kit AQLUXEC $45.00