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Kay Karchevski Multipure H2O LadyKay Karchevski

Multipure™ Network Director
Independent Distributor #145766


With 27 years experience in water filtration.

Over the years, I have developed expertise in assisting others to learn about their drinking and cooking water and how to improve it’s health benefits.  With a 40 year background in Clinical Chemistry and my interest in family and environmental health, I have researched and investigated health care products carefully.  i can say with certainty that a Multipure® Drinking Water System is almost always the best solution for drinking water issues.

You too can become an ECOPRENEUR!  Be part of a company that has set the industry standard for 40+ years in supporting health and environmental sustainability.

If you have a passion for health and the environment and would like to make money, while at the same time helping others save money, then contact me about being a distributor with Multipure®.  Casual or part time okay.  Just $49.95.

There is no investment risk and no inventory is required.  Orders are shipped direct from the company, located is Las Vegas.  You have the flexibility of having your own home-based green business, choosing when, where and how you work, with toll free support from a company founded in 1970.

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