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Choose the Water Filtration System that works best for you.

Aquaversa Below Sink: This is our most popular unit.  Solid carbon block technology effectively reduces over 50 contaminants of health concern.  It can be easily connected to a refrigerator and/or an instant hot water dispenser with an optional tee.
Variable flow chrome faucet comes in optional  finishes for an additional $15.  Stainless steel canister is about the size of a stuffed half-gallon milk carton.

MP750 w/kit AQKITB


Aquaversa Counter Top:  Renting now or waiting for your kitchen remodel, this unit can be updated with an optional conversion kit to an under-the-sink unit. MP750 w/kit AQKITC  $500.00

Aquaversa Inline:
This unit is excellent for use with inline applications such as ice-makers, instant hot units, coffee machines, and various restaurant uses.  It comes with easy connect fittings only.   MP750  $455.00

Countertop only:
 Designed for convenience, the Aqua Dome is a cost-effective model that connects to your existing faucet at your sink.
AQDOME  discontinued (replacement filters available)

All the above units use a CB6 or CB6A, a 750 gallon filter (change once per year) - $90

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Multipure Aquamini, a 250 gallon mini-stainless steel countertop unit, using the same technology as big brother Aquaversa.  Great for students, seniors, travelers or anyone with limited counterspace.

Choose kit: under sink $45 choose faucet

countertop kit $32 (single hose and spout)

dual hose $42 (no faucet) for deep sink

WATT'S REVERSE OSMOSIS   Use Reverse Osmosis if you need to remove Fluoride, Minerals, Nitrates, heavy metals (other than Lead or Mercury - both removed by the solid carbon block), or Arsenic V.  Under sink installation only.  If you already have an Aquaversa, you can add membranes for $220.
Aqua RO  $612.00

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Aquaperform MP880 Series features carbon block technology combining a specially developed arsenic adsorptive media that provides for the reduction of Arsenic V.  Filter life capacity is 600 gallons.  Countertop unit may be converted to a below-sink unit with the purchase of an optional conversion kit.  Below sink comes with variable flow faucet.
MP880 w/kit AQKITC

Below Sink
MP880 w/kit AQKITB

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NEW WHOLE-HOUSE SYSTEM: The Aquasource, provides powerful filtration at point-of-entry and ensuring that every water source in the home delivers cleaner, more healthful water. This system installs in the garage or basement near the water heater as a fixed location filtration element.  An array of multiple solid carbon block filters ensures that it reduces the presence of chlorine while maintaining the high water pressure needed to supply all the sinks, baths, and showers in your home.   A  water filtration system is recommended at the kitchen sink for removal of more contaminants.
AQSOURCE2/AQSOURCELSI2  $2360.00/$2420.00

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