Health Studies

Health Studies:

A new study published in the peer-reviewed journal, Environmental Health Perspectives, identifies key chemicals in the formation of breast cancer tumors. Sponsors of the study advocate methods to limit exposure – including the use of solid carbon block filters for drinking water.

The study, New Exposure Biomarkers as Tools For Breast Cancer Epidemiology, Biomonitoring, and Prevention: A Systematic Approach Based on Animal Evidence, was jointly-conducted by scientists from the Silent Spring Institute and the Harvard School of Public Health. They identify 17 groups of commonly encountered carcinogenic chemicals linked to breast cancer, including benzene and butadiene (found in vehicle exhaust, tobacco smoke, or charred food), methylene chloride (found in cleaning solvents), flame retardants (found in treated furniture or rugs), stain-resistant textiles (found in furniture upholstery), and disinfection byproducts (found in drinking water). Among the preventative measures advised include limiting exposure to gasoline fumes and vehicle exhaust, avoiding flame-retardant and stain-resistant furniture, and using a solid carbon block filter to treat drinking water.

Chromium VI:

In recognizing the negative health effects of drinking water tainted with trace levels of Chromium VI, or Hexavalent Chromium, Multipure is committed to providing solutions for its customers.
Multipure’s AquaRO Reverse Osmosis system is NSF-certified under Standard 58 for the reduction of Chromium VI.
Additionally, Multipure has performed independent testing on the CB6 filter cartridge (for Aquaversa models and AquaDome) for the reduction of Chromium VI and the filter was able to meet Standard 53 performance for reduction of Chromium VI for a capacity of 600 gallons.  However, because the published capacity of the CB6 filter is 750 gallons, we are unable to add an NSF-certified claim at that rated capacity.

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